FIFA 22 | Official Reveal Trailer

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Powered by Football™, FIFA 22 introduces HyperMotion - groundbreaking new gameplay technology on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia that elevates every moment on the pitch:

Featuring FIFA 22 Cover Star Kylian Mbappé, and FIFA Ambassadors Heung-Min Son, Phil Foden, David Alaba, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Christian Pulisic.

FIFA 22 releases October 1, 2021. Pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition before August 11 and get an untradeable FUT Heroes player!

Young Dumb
Performed by Noisy

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no life
no life 30 minuten geleden
eFootball for the win💪
MrBeast secret account🤫
MrBeast secret account🤫 Uur geleden
Thie is literally fifa 21 copy paste
Jamie Morgan
Jamie Morgan 3 uur geleden
More like Powered by greed 💰
Abdur Rahman
Abdur Rahman 4 uur geleden
i just want EA to stop using frost bite engine
Dinero 8 uur geleden
Mbappe going on fifa's front cover again twice in a row is mad especially what happened in the euros didn't know he'd be on the cover again it did surprise me ngl
Mo Locko
Mo Locko 8 uur geleden
Literally the same game every year
Brian 9 uur geleden
Expected EA to charge us 10,000 gems for every 10 seconds of the trailer we watch lmfao
Brian 9 uur geleden
They show us a trailer with no gameplay, honestly what is happening to humanity. How dumb is this? Where is the logic? This isn't a trailer this is some dumb animated movie with no plot.
Brandon Engelbrecht
Brandon Engelbrecht 10 uur geleden
I like FIFA 22 on the Playstation 4 getting it in pre-order
Matt G
Matt G 13 uur geleden
This trailer is so bad, how does it have more likes than dislikes.
Santiago Mediza
Santiago Mediza 15 uur geleden
minij hooi
minij hooi 18 uur geleden
expectation: "we've introduced all new hypermotion technology" reality: it's the exact same game as before
HamedLoco 22 uur geleden
ihr hbrt nzr eine sache gezeigt
_LELLO _ 23 uur geleden
minij hooi
minij hooi 18 uur geleden
My god this video making me feel dizzy shocking trailer
txmia 23 uur geleden
EA:fifa but with another number and its trash :Fifa fans :0 👁👄👁
David soker
David soker 23 uur geleden
pc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Brent Regis PGA
Brent Regis PGA Dag geleden
What an awful trailer
marchiori andrea
marchiori andrea Dag geleden
No capito
Udgin8888 Dag geleden
Even real players movements looks non realistick
Abubakar Sanusi
Abubakar Sanusi Dag geleden
This video made my eyes hurt.
Brockstir Gamer
Brockstir Gamer Dag geleden
All I saw is players and a clumsy camera man, nothing about the actual gameplay
Football moments
Football moments Dag geleden
Me:whats new Ea sports:we added an extra player in anfield stadium
Franci Gamer
Franci Gamer Dag geleden
Onyx _wqxy
Onyx _wqxy Dag geleden
ea logic: put mbappe on the cover and add one skill move
King Nogger
King Nogger Dag geleden
I thought we actually would’ve seen more improvements considering the new generation of consoles
Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri Dag geleden
Sad part is most of us will still buy it.
Daniel Folorunso
Daniel Folorunso Dag geleden
Same video, over and over
adam timmins
adam timmins Dag geleden
And for 1 company to monopolise a huge industry as in football is unethical. I'm sure Bill Gates was fined for same thing with software companies?
adam timmins
adam timmins Dag geleden
My god this video making me feel dizzy shocking trailer
Abbas Quadir
Abbas Quadir Dag geleden
Not the same cover again please 🥲
寒冷的季節 Dag geleden
Mobilr version please
Ömer Emre
Ömer Emre 6 uur geleden
Allison Lovelock
Allison Lovelock Dag geleden
Jack Boardman
Jack Boardman Dag geleden
“Let’s shake the camera so they don’t notice that nothing has changed over the past 2 years”
HeckuvaWheat799 Dag geleden
طلال المرزوقي
طلال المرزوقي Dag geleden
We want Agl Arabian league
Cesar G.
Cesar G. Dag geleden
are the camera shakes for the trailer or does the game take place on a freakin San Andreas fault line?
Mastery Dag geleden
Copy & Paste. Its in the game.
Murtuza Chawala
Murtuza Chawala 2 dagen geleden
Atleast it's not like efootball !
Roberto Cristian Turcanu
Roberto Cristian Turcanu 2 dagen geleden
Looks good fifa 19
CrashBashRemastered2000 2 dagen geleden
What's changed? It's the same game from 12 months ago
Gabriel Pires da Silva
Gabriel Pires da Silva 2 dagen geleden
mas um menos bom
أحبك ربي أحبك يارب
أحبك ربي أحبك يارب 2 dagen geleden
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله لا إله إلا الله محمد عبده ورسولةأستغفر الله العلي العظيم واتوب اليه أستغفر الله العظيم الذي لا اله الا هو وأتوب إليه أستغفر الله عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه وزنه عرشه ومداد كلماته
songwong 2 dagen geleden
What is this supposed to mean
Mitchi 2 dagen geleden
worst game in existence
Dilan Ramos
Dilan Ramos 2 dagen geleden
EA can you please make a feature that lets us edit team kits after every season in career mode? Please.
허민호 2 dagen geleden
hypermotion technology is not available on pc notice on trailer EA!
Frank HiddenJoker
Frank HiddenJoker 2 dagen geleden
Das war es für mich pc Spieler wider mal ne abgespeckte Version zu verkaufen ist frech steckt mal die kohle in Playstation 5 und Xbox werde kein fifa kaufen da ich pc Spieler bin und ich es nicht verstehe das pc Spieler so verarscht werden von euch
En savoir plus
En savoir plus 2 dagen geleden
Fifa is more comparable to formula 1 than football
tomnikond600 2 dagen geleden
Ryan JH
Ryan JH 2 dagen geleden
Evillll 🔥 🔥
Aggelos Kosmidis
Aggelos Kosmidis 2 dagen geleden
That looked more like a Nike commercial than a Fifa trailer....
Miraz 2 dagen geleden
Fifa 17.0.5
Zahid Naseer
Zahid Naseer 2 dagen geleden
1:36 minutes WASTED
TRI CAMPEÃO DA AMÉRICA 2 dagen geleden
congratulations FIFA that it is a success for us to have a lot of fun and thank you for being always faithful to us consumed in the game
in case
in case 2 dagen geleden
lucho al piso
lucho al piso 2 dagen geleden
lucho al piso
lucho al piso 2 dagen geleden
Se ve re zarpadoooo
Sushant Gamer
Sushant Gamer 2 dagen geleden
Please give same like fifa 14 on android
Melvin Chundi
Melvin Chundi 2 dagen geleden
the trailer looks like all next gen stuff but game is just the same
데데데데 2 dagen geleden
0:59 son
endN gaming
endN gaming 2 dagen geleden
chắc lại loot box is win chứ zề
김기범 2 dagen geleden
Change son’s face pls
Dylan Large
Dylan Large 2 dagen geleden
Are you finally putting the National League on the game? Baring in mind Wrexham and Barnet players were seen being scanned the other week and both their stadiums are used in this trailer capturing player movement?
aswer huio
aswer huio 2 dagen geleden
“EA sports, it’s such a shame!”
Some Mexican Guy
Some Mexican Guy 23 uur geleden
ProtieuS 2 dagen geleden
What a load of noise
Pablo Inacio
Pablo Inacio 2 dagen geleden
Espero que invistam também nos goleiros!!!
aswer huio
aswer huio 2 dagen geleden
fifa 21 2.0 fuckuea
Petsokoma 2 dagen geleden
I guess that the game will be so realistic?
Pancito 2 dagen geleden
60 bucks btw
Dynamite Music
Dynamite Music 2 dagen geleden
Same every year. Bring futsal so u can verse with people or ur friends
Andres Acosta
Andres Acosta 2 dagen geleden
Wait... What?
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 2 dagen geleden
Super son!
BrokenLad 2 dagen geleden
Ummmm, frick off?
thee apocalypse
thee apocalypse 2 dagen geleden
They should be focused on improving the gameplay and not on menu screens and classic reveal trailers like lol who asked for this?
CRVG 2 dagen geleden
Se a konami faz metade do que o Fifa 22 fez eu tava feliz
Nikos Simos
Nikos Simos 2 dagen geleden
Nice trailer, let's go back to my master league now...
babadurotimi makun
babadurotimi makun 2 dagen geleden
at least this one should be as good as fifa 19
Stan C
Stan C 2 dagen geleden
EA Sports, it’s the same
Mecha Robots
Mecha Robots 3 dagen geleden
They shake the camera so they make you think the game has new mechanics
Dilan Goblin
Dilan Goblin 3 dagen geleden
Who else is here after e Football reveal? 😁
Karlo Terreros
Karlo Terreros 3 dagen geleden
I can not see anything...
Peterson Henrique
Peterson Henrique 3 dagen geleden
fifa 21 2.0 fuckuea
josephu 3 dagen geleden
Another year of angry faces especially Haaland😂
Kalle CPH
Kalle CPH 3 dagen geleden
This is just EA's new platform for kids who are into gambling!! Why is this still legal in most countries??
franky 3 dagen geleden
add el salvador to fifa !!!!!! GODDAMIT
James Mwangi
James Mwangi 3 dagen geleden
Describe this game with one word Fifa: Animations
Asel Arslan
Asel Arslan 3 dagen geleden
Why is there no career mode where you can enter girls teams, no it’s always a team with only male players
Oldadoggy 2 dagen geleden
It’s just because male football is so much bigger than female football, it’s the same for the majority of sports
Advaiyyd D
Advaiyyd D 3 dagen geleden
We can play EA games, unlock or buy anything without money, i do it every night after i fall into sleep i buy everything in my dream.
A List
A List 3 dagen geleden
EA: Change the kits and add 2022.
Stonks 5
Stonks 5 2 dagen geleden
EA: And this is how you make money
ჟორა 12
ჟორა 12 3 dagen geleden
If mbappe go to real madrid this game will delete?😂
Michael 3 dagen geleden
Md Kamal Hossain
Md Kamal Hossain 3 dagen geleden
Game trailers is fantastic but the upcoming game is nothing change..... Absolutely lol ..
Noe Jesus Taboada Machuca
Noe Jesus Taboada Machuca 3 dagen geleden
Abhaya Rijal
Abhaya Rijal 3 dagen geleden
They should bring fpp mode in game!!!
mr brozo
mr brozo 3 dagen geleden
I want Martin Tyler back😭
Nilesh Tiwari
Nilesh Tiwari 3 dagen geleden
Get UT back on mobile.
Ander_Gamer 3 dagen geleden
فيفا السنة هذه افضل من بيس 22 بس بيس سوت شي جدا ما كان حد حاسبلو حسابو انها تكون ببلاش 🔥
Arteux 3 dagen geleden
wth is this
ALEXIS CABRERA 2 dagen geleden
Fifa 22
Stonks 5
Stonks 5 3 dagen geleden
It's fifa 17, but it can be fifa 18 or 19, who knows maybe it's fifa 20