FIFA 22 | Official Gameplay Reveal | EA Play Spotlight

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Get your first look at gameplay in the FIFA 22 EA Play Spotlight as the EA SPORTS FIFA development team go in-depth on new next-gen features, powered by HyperMotion technology on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia. Learn more about HyperMotion:

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FIFA 22 releases October 1, 2021. Pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition before August 11 and get an untradeable FUT Heroes player from December 1!

--------- Content Featured in the Spotlight ---------
0:00 - Intro
3:52 - HyperMotion Technology
8:20 - Full Team Authentic Motion
10:30 - Tactical A.I.
13:18 - Kinectic Air Battles
14:23 - Composed Ball Control
17:25 - Player Humanization
20:57 - Goalkeeper Rewrite
22:56 - True Ball Physics
24:18 - Explosive Sprint
25:34 - Powered by Feedback

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charlie Bentley
charlie Bentley 2 uur geleden
I LOVE THIS ❤️❤️❤️
bogdan stef
bogdan stef 2 uur geleden
This is just “WOW”
Robert Cisneroz
Robert Cisneroz 3 uur geleden
These guys should all be put on trail in court
David Padilla
David Padilla 3 uur geleden
When will the new types of ankle bandages be added? Those that are like a sock Like those used by Messi or Neymar
Ayaan’s Corner
Ayaan’s Corner 4 uur geleden
Lets go!
Anguish Scopes
Anguish Scopes 4 uur geleden
All this talk and the game is going to feel the same
HashtagF7 #F7
HashtagF7 #F7 5 uur geleden
Blah blah blah blah, Fifa 22 , blah blah blah, no updates/same game, blah blah blah blah, tactics stuff, blah blah blah, buy it!
Farhan choicio
Farhan choicio 5 uur geleden
EA can not fool me this year. First month of fifa 22 will be good and then they will patch everything. Proclubs forgotten, career mode nothing new
Messi_10 Pros
Messi_10 Pros 6 uur geleden
PLEASE create your club in FIFA 22
Ayaan’s Corner
Ayaan’s Corner 4 uur geleden
Forgotten ghost
Forgotten ghost 7 uur geleden
El fifa 22 va a ser muy realista: EA pone a kante más alto que Rüdiger
Luc O'Hanlon
Luc O'Hanlon 7 uur geleden
“Defenders now defend!” $70 please
lionel messi
lionel messi 7 uur geleden
All this will make no difference if I'm playing with 200 ping and my connection is always red just add and improve the severs which will be bring a gameplay balance for everyone it's that simple
Jiaye 7 uur geleden
i want to be a fifa developer, getting money without doing anything
vefge 7 uur geleden
Still on fifa 13 lmao
Mathias Morell
Mathias Morell 7 uur geleden
Ea make a 30 min video to show they making big difference in the gameplay for 22. People commenting... Doesn't matter Fifa 20 or 22 no difference... I mean you could just have Said you didn't watch the video, but just showed up to comment 😂😂
Dylan Monvoisin
Dylan Monvoisin 8 uur geleden
J ai peur sur les centres corner.....
Р М 1990
Р М 1990 9 uur geleden
Your fifa is a game for children !!! Canadians, you don't know how to play football !!! you don't know how to make a football simulator
СЕРГЕЙ ГРУЗДЕВ 9 uur geleden
about fifa 17 will receive another update, I hope we have already added new scripts that affect the gameplay
Ejjsdhg Xjdhhdhsh
Ejjsdhg Xjdhhdhsh 9 uur geleden
Fifa 22 aka fifa 21 aka fifa 20 aka fifa 19 aka fifa 18 aka fifa 17
Adel Breezy
Adel Breezy 9 uur geleden
Why not adding more national teams like algeria morocco tunisia cameroon ghana nigeria senegal croatia and more licences !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lonely 9 uur geleden
i like fifa and everything but how are you gonna leave out pc on this technology
Jakov Grgic
Jakov Grgic 9 uur geleden
I'm just curious, since you haven't mentioned if there will be any new game modes
dark side
dark side 9 uur geleden
Goran Pandev and Elif Elmas need new face update expecialy Pandev football legend 🇲🇰❤️
Florian Hauenschild
Florian Hauenschild 9 uur geleden
To be honest,this looks worse than ever before
Clarkes 9 uur geleden
11:01 we got him, boys and girls. "This was completely rewritten this year" that tells you that it was copy and paste all the prior years lmao.. EA is yet to earn a dime from my hard work and it will remain that way.
Siddhant Garg
Siddhant Garg 2 uur geleden
only thing rewritten is 22 instead of 21
Raski David
Raski David 9 uur geleden
It doesn’t matter what they say it will be the same. The only thing i care is to have great OST again. Fifa 20 and 21 were baaaaad in that front
Tobias Rieper
Tobias Rieper 10 uur geleden
It's funny because they could have released this video last year for FIFA 21, because there is no difference between the last FIFA's.
LEON 10 uur geleden
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 10 uur geleden
EA gives "realistic like never before" on every Fifa release
Ilija Ivic
Ilija Ivic 10 uur geleden
It looks graphically like FIFA 14 or 15
Schwarzkopf 10 uur geleden
Scam company!!!!!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 10 uur geleden
Why is there so much critism, I feel like EA actually tried to improve this year with fifa
Aimilios 11 uur geleden
When they say "we focused on the small details" you understand that they didn't change anything
Microsystem 11 uur geleden
Fifa 16 on Xbox 360 forever the best!!!
Hisham Hisham
Hisham Hisham 12 uur geleden
This looks like a flashback to fifa 20 where it was drop back season sadly
Aras 12 uur geleden
It's not just a animation.. It's Animation.
Pablo Monterroso
Pablo Monterroso 13 uur geleden
Oye EA porque un la consola de nintendo swicht sigue siendo legacy edition si ya se demostro que si se le pueden subir los graficos y poder tener el modo de juego volta fútbol??
H_ 13 uur geleden
TaharaMyth17 14 uur geleden
Bryan 14 uur geleden
not gonna lie I think fifa 22 seems familiar hmmm... I am guessing... fifa 21?
Shishido Yamamoto
Shishido Yamamoto 14 uur geleden
Ayaan’s Corner
Ayaan’s Corner 15 uur geleden
Hopefully they will add 2022 qatar and more countrys
Shivansh Shukla
Shivansh Shukla 15 uur geleden
How's the transfer market in career mode? I hope it's got realistic budgets now.
MR. GS-48
MR. GS-48 15 uur geleden
Another great game that caters to cheaters, FUT coin sellers(with EAs support and if course blessing) and the rest of the youtube streamers that don't know how to pass to anyone...!!!
Lokesh Kumar
Lokesh Kumar 17 uur geleden
Sonny 😍😍😍
KnechtOne 17 uur geleden
I just want to add "Icons" to my Career-Roster.. .. I could say it every year. and the possibility to change the age of players. I hate that my fave players just retire 1 year in
11_strangers 17 uur geleden
New features of fifa 22 .title change from 21 to 22 .background colour customization .more swet .Rating upgrade .95% copy past from old fifa.
Bluez Boi 2
Bluez Boi 2 17 uur geleden
Why is there so much critism, I feel like EA actually tried to improve this year with fifa
I WJ 18 uur geleden
So the improved A.I. only on next gen consoles? Why wouldn't you improve the AI on all platforms?
love love
love love 18 uur geleden
should do a season update
이천수 18 uur geleden
개같은 서버나 손봐라 신규작 내놓기 전에 기본이나 똑바로 갖춰라. 기본도 없는 회사가 무슨.
BenPotter 19 uur geleden
I swear they say the game will feel smoother every year and then add a loads of animation that no one ever notices
David Ståhl
David Ståhl 19 uur geleden
Change how you defend? It’s almost is if I didn’t get sexually assaulted in champs by some sweat bridging every 3 seconds.
Fabrício Aracaty
Fabrício Aracaty 20 uur geleden
NextGen????. Funny EA
NRG CARLOS 20 uur geleden
Are camera settings and angles going to be included?Can you change them?
Darko Vojinovic
Darko Vojinovic 20 uur geleden
We want red star belgrad in the game this year !!!!!
Bruno Lima
Bruno Lima 21 uur geleden
Expect: the best physics Reality: the ball inside the foot
OluwaLeh 21 uur geleden
Y’all should make cross play available
brutal tv
brutal tv 21 uur geleden
Ea never disappoint on disappoint
Souhayeb Denkir
Souhayeb Denkir 22 uur geleden
im excited for the glitchs
Melik Dogan
Melik Dogan 22 uur geleden
Fifa 22 in one Sentence : New Animation
Wake no.
Wake no. 22 uur geleden
They have done that with fifa 14
E MK 22 uur geleden
Can we PLEASE get a Karim Benzema face update EA PLEASEEEEEEEE.
Danilo Costa
Danilo Costa 22 uur geleden
Hyper mortion for PC ?
Roberto Beck
Roberto Beck 23 uur geleden
EA FIFA: "The game is better than ever." Proceeds to release the worst iteration of the game.
Anon 23 uur geleden
bruv where is the gameplay lmao
Vyoin 23 uur geleden
Thanks much, really impressed to play old gen with my gaming pc...
Theodor Velasco Macauley
Theodor Velasco Macauley Dag geleden
They just had to do Timo Werner for the miss😂😂😂
Trench Kid
Trench Kid Dag geleden
a quick question wouldn't it be nice if EA bring back the journey
Ghost K
Ghost K Dag geleden
I just want one thing in FIFA 22, Toni Kroos’s Adidas 11 pro cleats and we need rework for interactions with the referee, too
Steve Therush
Steve Therush Dag geleden
Watching the defense fail as a unit will be interesting i guess, no more screaming at Ramos to stop being weird, now it's everyone's fault
MrJJuK Dag geleden
Why is Hypermotion not on PC? My PC is 10x better than a PS5 and Xbox combined 🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♂️
Rafael Monteiro
Rafael Monteiro Dag geleden
Fifa buggs 22
KSA Dag geleden
Fakyo FIFA
KSA Dag geleden
Fakyo EA
Waguih Helmy 766
Waguih Helmy 766 Dag geleden
*Makes a new aerial battling system * * 14:00 Marcelo heads the ball in between 2 defenders and scores *
Pkz Zack
Pkz Zack Dag geleden
Im soooo hyped about this🤩
doire aintu
doire aintu Dag geleden
have felt identical and where they slightly differ they actually get worse the more recent the title 🤣🤡
ramòn pablito
ramòn pablito Dag geleden
Yall are haters fr fr the goalkeepers upgrades got me lowkey hyped
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un Dag geleden
24:48 sprint ba'un
doire aintu
doire aintu Dag geleden
Really interesting to see how it is made so realistic
Khaled Bou Mehdi
Khaled Bou Mehdi Dag geleden
Sticking to “balanced” custom tactics 😂
Nicolas Dag geleden
So... Just New animations
Sons of the West Red, White & Blue
Sons of the West Red, White & Blue Dag geleden
Just show me the bit where I ruffle the onion bag from range with a rasping drive.
Claudefather Dag geleden
Fifa 21 the 22 players on the pitch were too static, they didn't move enough, you didn't have overlapping fullbacks or wingers cutting inside and just not enough movement off the ball - fingers crossed this hypermotion improves this Goalkeepers are god awful and my jaw actually dropped when I saw the new animations and saves and dives, they have been long overdue but finally they gave
Ahammed Dhilshad
Ahammed Dhilshad Dag geleden
We are waiting for the platform mobile
JamazVu Dag geleden
A brazilian guy, an ex football player... , atleast those guys know about football, I would say FIFA is in good hands
fran muñoz
fran muñoz Dag geleden
falsos el gol del mbape era de di maria
Kanye East
Kanye East Dag geleden
Nothing on input lag ofcourse, just fhughin great
Gonzo Kieran
Gonzo Kieran Dag geleden
Just upgrade your servers I'm begging you :'( every year friendlies with my mates is unplayable and almost every FUT game on any internet I've used over the years has had issues
Flynn Smith
Flynn Smith Dag geleden
Will ultimate CPU actually cross the ball and not yime waste when there 1-0 down in the 92nd minute?
Wishiom Dag geleden
we all know it will be a tragic game...
Why do we have to look at these nerds. Just show us the game. Nobody cares
Mircea Stroia
Mircea Stroia Dag geleden
2:05 "but also for fun at home" yeah sure, "for fun".
Kourtnei Dag geleden
hmmm another year of not getting fifa… oh well. maybe next year they’ll do better.
KSA Dag geleden
Fakyo EA
Machiel van Dijk
Machiel van Dijk Dag geleden
Really interesting to see how it is made so realistic
Bryan Alfonso
Bryan Alfonso Dag geleden
This is cool but we all want a better Career Mode
Ace 212
Ace 212 Dag geleden
EA invests more money advertising this game than into the actual game.
nemo12w Dag geleden
Ea is the worst company in the world
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